Self Defense For Seniors: How To Prevent Survive Attacks


The following article discusses the different ways in which seniors can defend themselves from attackers. Because seniors are more likely to become victims of crime than any other age group. It is important for seniors to know how to defend themselves.

Self Defense for seniors is all about making sure that you are safe and knowing what to do when something does happen.

self defense for seniors

Importance Of Self Defense For Seniors

Compared to their younger counterparts, seniors are more susceptible to crime and violence. That is why they need to always have a plan in case they are attacked. Seniors often face difficulties in defending themselves when there is no one else around. That’s why it’s important for them to know Self Defense techniques. They should never be afraid of taking any risks if it helps them protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.

Self Defense is important for seniors for two main reasons. First, the percentage of seniors who suffer from serious falls and other related injuries is larger than that of any other age group. Second, seniors are more likely to be victims of elder abuse and they are often targeted because they are vulnerable.

Benefits of Self Defense for Seniors

Self Defense exercises not only build strength, balance, coordination, and mental sharpness but it also gives seniors a sense of safety. It teaches a senior how to escape from danger in any situation by using simple techniques like eye gouging or joint manipulation. It is never too late for seniors to learn Self Defense!

Learning Self Defense For Seniors At Home

The first thing to remember is that you don’t need a lot of space to practice Self Defense moves. The best way to get started is with home safety tips for seniors, like securing the door and learning how to use a phone. You can also stock up on emergency supplies, like water, cash, and food.

You can also learn more about protecting yourself with simple Self Defense moves for seniors. As long as you’re committed to practicing these skills over time, you’ll be ready if an attacker ever finds their way into your home.

The following are some simple Self Defense moves designed for seniors:

  • Aim a kick at groin or knee region
  • Smash fingers with a cane or handbag
  • Use keys as a weapon
  • Slap attacker’s throat or nose

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