Raise Your Expectations!
Phil 4:6-7

Compassionate Caregivers is unlike the traditional in-home care agency. Our owner is a Registered Nurse. The care provided by nurses can be the difference of living in your home or having to go to a rehab center or nursing home. Our nurses will work with your family ensuring the highest level of care is provided.

When families and their loved ones need assistance, it’s critical to choose a provider who can offer high quality, compassionate care you can trust. Compassionate Caregivers is here to help reduce the stress and anxiety that can occur during these times and create greater peace of mind for both the individuals in our care and their families. Whatever your family’s needs are, we can help – Compassionate Caregivers is here for you, any time, any place.

Skilled Nursing Care Services

Each of our clients receives a personal assessment conducted by one of our skilled nurses. We work with your loved one and family in creating an individualized plan of care that meets your loved ones unique physical and emotional needs – a plan that strives to not only improve their health, but, enhance their quality of life. This process, along with continual oversight by our nursing staff, helps us ensure that your loved one is receiving the very best care. If a nursing need should arise we are right there to help. We can call the doctor and receive orders and if needed call in orders to the pharmacy. Our nurses work with the doctors and will perform doctor ordered procedures if needed. Possibly avoiding a trip to the ER or Urgent care.

Because we are NURSES, Compassionate Caregivers works hand-in-hand with physicians, referral sources and other healthcare professionals to ensure continuity and coordination of care, affecting the best possible outcomes for your loved ones.


We know first-hand the importance of hiring quality in-home nurses. Because we are Nurses!

Below are some of the services Our Nurses can provide:

  • Medication management- ordering, weekly to monthly set up and administration.
  • Medication administration- including injections, inhalants, eye drops, oral, and topical medications
  • Wellness care: wellness checks, personal care such as nail trimming, nutritional review and assistance, oxygen checks, heart monitor checks, along with other advanced in-home equipment
  • Physician visits- assistance in providing updated health information
  • Colostomy / Ostomy care and urinary catheter maintenance
  • Wound Care and Management
  • Providing advanced education and care training for family members
  • Lab draws
  • Straight catherization
  • Wound vac
  • Post Hospital Care
  • Post Rehabilitation Care

Our private duty nurses are available whenever you need them. From scheduled nursing visits to hourly care, someone is there to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work with your loved one's medical team to offer the professional support he or she needs.

Private duty nurses allow for loved ones to live at home while receiving the care they require. They complement traditional in-home caregivers and give family members extra peace of mind.



Medication management can be overwhelming for the family member. As people age, they can develop multiple chronic conditions, which may require several prescription drugs from more than one prescriber. With this situation, there comes an increased risk of drug interactions, side effects, and accidentally missing or doubling doses. Medication management is a set of practices to prevent these things from happening

As a family member do you want to deal with the multiple medication changes, weekly medication set ups, calling the doctor for refills, waiting for call backs and then the mail order changes?

All this is valuable time that can be managed by our professional nursing staff. We understand the headaches that this can cause especially since your time is so valuable and limited. The last thing you want to be doing is waiting on hold with a doctor’s office while visiting your loved one. Our caring professionals will provide you with updates and give you back your time to spend visiting or caring for you loved one.

Our nurses will provide:

  • Medication management- ordering and following through with the family and doctor if necessary
  • Weekly to monthly set ups and monitoring.
  • Medication administration- including injections, inhalants, eye drops, oral, and topical medications.
  • Updating doctors and receiving orders for medication changes and calling pharmacy with changes

Call us today and let us help you with your medication needs.


Care management is the service that helps the older adult, the family members and the health care providers to organize, coordinate and deliver the best quality of care possible under the circumstances at hand.

At Compassionate Caregivers Home Care LLC, our care management team has 3 goals.

  1. To relieve the caregiving stress on hand
  2. To locate, plan for, coordinate and deliver the best quality of care at the most cost effective rate available
  3. To help the older adult find meaning and quality of life in their later years

The focus is out of days than days out of life


  • Level of care assessments.
  • Care planning services
  • Care and or case management
  • Resource and referral development
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Monitoring and oversight of care
  • Senior advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Care facility review
  • Coordination of services and service providers
  • Assistance with the organization of relocating a loved one, setup of housekeeping or transportation services


  • 1 Conduct a level of care assessment to identify caregiving problems and to recommend caregiving solutions
  • 2 Provide crisis intervention in the home, at a hospital and at a care facility.
  • 3 Screen, match and arrange for in-home help or other caregiving services including assistance in hiring qualified caregivers at home
  • 4 Function as a liaison to families who are far away and even those who are close by for overseeing, coordinating and responding to family members in the event of a caregiving problem
  • 5 Facilitating the relocation of an older adult to and from a retirement community, assisted living facility or a nursing home
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6 Provide advocacy and eldercare education to families and other care team members
  • 7 Provide eldercare counselling and support
  • 8 Review financial, legal and medical issues and to offer referrals to all appropriate medical and care specialist
  • 9 Provide financial, legal and medical review and assessments for the application of benefits including Veteran Administration aid and attendance benefit and long term care insurance
  • 10 Help family members keep SANE and to find MEANING and JOY as they juggle responsibilities in all their caregiving roles